Dachis Group Launches New Subscription Service

Austin-basd Dachis Group, the social business services and software firm headed by Jeffrey Dachis, has rolled out a new, subscription service aimed at social analytics, the firm said today. Dachis said its new Social Performance Monitor (SPM), the first subscription service for the firm, and third app built on its big data analytics platform, is aimed at helping provide brand insights to companies. The firm said the new app measures brand awareness, "Brand Love", mindshare, and advocacy for companies, going beyond the usual measurement of simple metrics like Followers in Twitter and Likes on Facebook. Pricing on the new service was not announced. Dachis said the tool will let its clients slice and dice information by region, subsidiaries, brands, departments, and other measures. Dachis said it is now providing its services to over 40 percent of the Fortune 100.


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