CompuCom: Millennials Being Ignored By Corporate IT

Dallas-based technology services provider CompuCom says that a recent survey it ran shows that many IT organizations are "not doing anything specific" to support younger workers. Millenials--who were born between 1979 and 1999--are not getting much attention from corporate IT, according to a survey that CompuCom ran between April and June. The company said its received 256 responses to its poll, finding that 34 percent of IT professionals say their organizations aren't doing anything specific to support younger workers, that only 11 percent support SMS and texting, and a mere 13 percent permitting use of social media at work. Millennials are well known for their use of new technology, smartphones, and social media. Compucom said the lack of efforts to support younger workers threatens to cost organizations loyalty and retention of those new workers.


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