BMC Takes Aim At Cloud

Houston-based BMC Software is taking aim at the cloud computing market, saying today that the firm is focusing on allowing its customers to apply BMC's tools to private and public "cloud computing" efforts, and that it is linking with Amazon's EC2 cloud services. According to BMC, its tools can be used for establishing private cloud computing infrastructure, manage self service request and fulfillment of cloud resources, automate management of cloud resources, and more. The firm also said that it will be adding support for Amazon Web Services and Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), through its software. Among capabilities highlighted by BMC, the firm said it could manage resource requests for EC2 through its provisioning software, and track use of Amazon EC2 resources through its Atrium configuration management tools. BMC did not detail what its specific cloud capabilities were, or the depth of integration with Amazon EC2 and other cloud computing software.


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